ANB033 is a novel anti-CD122 antagonist antibody that targets the shared common beta subunit of the receptors for IL-15 and IL-2

IND filing to support clinical development of ANB033 anticipated in Q2 2024

Anti-CD122 antagonist reduces pathogenic T cells and NK Cells

CD122 is a shared beta subunit of the receptors for IL-15 and IL-2
CD122 antagonist mAb will potently inhibit IL-15 and IL-2 biology

Both IL-15 and IL-2 mediate:

  • Proliferation and survival of NK cells and subsets of T cells, particularly CD8+ TEMRA
  • Inflammatory cytokine secretion (IFNγ) during T cell activation

Reduces pathogenic T cells by preferentially inhibiting the lower affinity dimeric IL-2 receptor complex

  • Spares Tregs which express higher affinity trimeric IL-2 receptor complex

Targeted reduction of CD122 expressing TRM cells, which require IL-15 for survival, may potentially drive durable response