Imsidolimab (ANB019): Anti-IL-36R DEVELOPMENT STAGE & ANTICIPATED MILESTONES THERAPEUTIC INDICATION COMMERCIAL RIGHTS ANTIBODY PROGRAM DISCOVERY PRECLINICAL PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 Phase 1 Data Presented at EAACI 2018 GALLOP: Phase 2 Data To Be Presented At 2021 Medical Conference, FDA Orphan Drug Designation Received Phase 3 Initiation Anticipated Mid-2021 EMERGE: Interim Topline Phase 2 Data Anticipated End 2021 INSPIRE: Topline Phase 2 Data Anticipated 2022 HARP: Phase 2 Initiation Anticipated Q2 2021 ACORN: Phase 2 Initiation Anticipated Q2 2021 Generalized Pustular Psoriasis EGFRi-Mediated Skin Toxicity Ichthyosis Hidradenitis Suppurativa Acne ANB030: Anti-PD-1 Agonist Phase 1 Top-Line Data Anticipated Mid-2021 Phase 2 Initiation Anticipated in H2 2021 Phase 2 Initiation Anticipated in H2 2021 Vitiligo Alopecia Areata Dostarlimab (GSK4057190): Anti-PD-1 Antagonist US BLA and EU MAA Approval Anticipated H1 2021 BLA Accepted Q1 2021 FIRST: Ongoing MOONSTONE & OPAL: Ongoing dMMR Pan-Tumor Ovarian Cancer dMMR Endometrial Cancer PERLA: Ongoing NSCLC NSCLC Cobolimab (GSK4069889): Anti-TIM-3 Antagonist COSTAR: Dostarlimab Combination Trial Ongoing GSK4074386: Anti-LAG-3 Antagonist CITRINO: Dostarlimab Combination Trial Ongoing Immuno-Oncology TSR-075: Anti-PD-1/ LAG-3 Bispecific IND-Enabling Studies Ongoing Immuno-Oncology CC-90006: Anti-PD-1 Agonist Ongoing Psoriasis Undisclosed Ongoing Inflammation ANB032: Anti-BTLA Modulator Australian CTN Filed Q1 2021 Healthy Volunteer Phase 1 Start H1 2021 Inflammatory Diseases