ANB101 is a BDCA2 modulator antibody that specifically targets plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs)

IND filing to support clinical development of ANB101 anticipated in second half of 2024

BDCA2 modulator of plasmacytoid dendritic cell (pDC) function

BDCA2 is a molecule specifically expressed on pDCs
ANB101 will potently inhibit interferon secretion and immune activation

Activated pDCs bridge innate and adaptive immunity

  • Secrete Type I IFN (1000x increase over other cell types)
  • Present antigens to adaptive immune system

pDCs enriched in tissue in rheumatology and other inflammatory diseases

  • BDCA2 modulator mechanistic proof-of-concept (Biogen’s litifilimab) in SLE / CLE

ANB101: BDCA2 modulator

  • Potent and sustained internalization of BDCA2 on pDC cell surface
  • Profound inhibition of interferon secretion reduces inflammation
  • Preserves pDCs for potential tolerogenic effects

Note: ANB101 (formerly known as CBS004) was in-licensed from Centessa Pharmaceuticals. Has completed NHP tox studies and P1 clinical material available.