Key Advantages

We believe our SHM platform has the following advantages over competing approaches:

Diversity Against Difficult Targets

We are able to generate an unprecedented diversity of antibodies by applying SHM-based diversification outside of the constraints of an in vivo environment. This enables us to develop antibodies against human targets that we believe have not otherwise been accessible to prior technologies.

High Potency

Because our platform generates highly-potent antibodies, we are potentially able to modulate every extracellular target associated with human disease, and believe only small therapeutic doses may be required to mediate therapeutic effect in vivo.

Functional Activity Selection

Our mammalian cell system simultaneously displays and secretes antibodies during the antibody discovery process, allowing us to incorporate functional assays throughout the process and focus on producing product candidates that are optimized for the desired therapeutic activity.


Our platform technology enables us to generate therapeutic-grade antibodies and initiate subsequent preclinical manufacturing and toxicology studies.


By utilizing our mammalian cell display system, we believe our approach increases the probability of success in manufacturing and commercialization by mitigating risks associated with antibody expression, formulation and stability.