AnaptysBio is pioneering the development of therapeutic antibodies using in vitro somatic hypermutation (SHM). Leveraging the breakthrough biochemical understanding of the role of AID, our proprietary SHM-XEL™ platform reproduces the natural mechanism of antibody generation in vitro and overcomes key limitations of prior antibody technologies.
SHM-XEL™ Platform
Starting with antibody libraries, the platform couples somatic hypermutation (SHM) in vitro with a novel mammalian display system. AnaptysBio’s antibody libraries have an unprecedented initial diversity of 3×1012 and continue to expand in situ under the action of AID, thereby transforming the initially weak-binding antibodies into high affinity, high specificity antibodies not present in the initial library. By replicating SHM in vitro, AnaptysBio is able to access the enormous antibody diversity available to the human immune system while selecting for multiple parameters, including binding, potency, function, cross-reactivity, expression, biophysical properties, epitope specificity, or dual binding to produce the ideal therapeutic candidate profile. Selection in mammalian cells ensures reliable manufacturability by de-risking required CMC properties.

The platform’s advantages allow it to succeed where prior antibody technologies have failed, and rapidly deliver therapeutic-grade antibodies to emerging targets, including targets and functional activities previously regarded as intractable. The company has successfully completed more than 30 antibody projects to date, while also demonstrating the efficiency of SHM-XEL by progressing from concept to start of IND-enabling studies in less than 12 months.